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Human Resource Management And The Development Of...

Human resources management has become a critical influence factor to the development of contemporary hospitality industry. In accordance with Enz (2009), human resource management issues are the thorniest problem to hospitality managers throughout the worldwide hospitality industry. It is recorded that the turnover rate for this industry is normally from 60% to 300%,(Lee Way, 2010).Against this background, challenges caused by the high staffing turnover rate are difficult problems in hospitality HRM. In this essay I will focus on three main challenges that are link with high turnover rate: shortage of experienced staff, low morale and productively, and high turnover cost, and then, explanation of a strategic human resource management approach which can be an effective solution to those challenges. At the last part of this essay two aspects of a human resource manager’s role would be described and explain how does the strategic human resource management approach and those human resource manager’s role relate with this three challenges. Reasons and challenges refer to high turnover rate Hospitality is an industry that critically depend on their human resource, employees’ customer service is the main part of hospitality production,(KysilkaCsaba, 2014). In this case, high quality employees and employee retention should be main areas to successfully operate a hospitality company. However, high staffing turnover widely exist in hospitality industry, particularly, employeesShow MoreRelatedBusiness Analysis : Hospitality Industry Essay1368 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION In this contemporary era, it is very important for the hospitality industry that its HR department come up with strategic techniques of retaining the employees and not lonely that but also find the qualified workforce which will boost up the organization in the longer run. As we all know the facts that the hospitality industry is operating in a competitive market and in order to gain competitive market. So better workforce and skilled staff would help them to increase their value inRead MoreHuman Resource Evaluation in Hotel Units1345 Words   |  5 PagesHuman resource evaluation in hotel units By George Aspiridis and Dimitrios Kyriakou Section A The role of the human resources has increased exponentially throughout the past recent decades, during which time the employees have transformed from the force operating the machines into the most valuable organizational asset. In a contemporaneous business climate that is competitive and dynamic, economic agents have to devise a wide array of competitive advantages and strategic efforts to preserveRead MoreBusiness Analysis : Hospitality Industry Essay1367 Words   |  6 Pages In this contemporary era, it is very important for the hospitality industry that its HR department come up with strategic techniques of retaining the employees and not lonely that but also find the qualified workforce which will boost up the organization in the longer run. As we all know the facts that the hospitality industry is operating in a competitive market and in order to gain competitive market. So better workforce and skilled staff would help them to increase their value in the market inRead MoreHigh Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry2533 Words   |  11 PagesIssues 2011 Sabrina | [High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry – Is there a Solution?] | People Products and Performance within the Hospitality Industry | CRITICAL ISSUES in HOSPITALITY Article Front Cover Sheet ------------------------------------------------- Author Name: Sabrina ------------------------------------------------- Theme Selected: People Products and Performance within the Hospitality Industry ------------------------------------------------- PaperRead MoreThe Human Resource Management And The Hotel Industry Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagessecond Contemporary issue which has been identified is the Human Resource management (Issue). This issue is very important for those managers who are recruiting the workforce for the hotel industry. The problems which are being occurred in this issue is the biggest concern for the hotel industry. This particular, issue has been mostly seen in all the Big-Chain Hotels and Independent Hotels. There are three major problems which have profoundly become the cause of HR issues in hospitality industry. 1Read MoreImpact Of Globalization On The Hotel Industry Essay1299 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction With the interference of globalization in the hotel industry, it is inevitable for the hotel companies to meet with different environmental conditions and forced them to study about different management approaches in order to sustain with competing environmental circumstances which would enable them to realize, both negative and positive effects. Since the international trade and business has expanded, there is no doubt that the international linkage is a must. (ZhenJia) GlobalizationRead MoreCareer Advancement At Malaysian Private Universities Essay987 Words   |  4 Pagesorganizational commitment. Journal of Management Development, 29(9), 807-827. 6. Barnett, B.R. Bradley, L. (2007). The impact of organisational support for career development on career satisfaction. Career Development International, 12(7), 617-636. 7. Baruch, Y. (2004b). Transforming careers — from linear to multidirectional career paths: Organizational and individual perspective. Career Development International, 9(1), 58–73 8. Bridgstock, R. (2011). Skills for creative industries graduate success. Education+TrainingRead MoreThe Importance of Assessment in Hotel and Restaurant Management8124 Words   |  33 PagesAn Assessment of Hospitality Management Study Programmes in Greece: Industry’s Perspectives Eleftheria N. Prinianaki1 TEI of Crete, Greece Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine and assess the relevance of hospitality management programmes to the current and future industry needs in Greece from an industry perspective. Two single session focus groups consisting of hotel general managers highlighted the need for hospitality management programmes to address industry current and future requirementsRead MoreAdler, N. (1991). International Dimensions Of Organizational917 Words   |  4 Pages(5), 465-483. A-Sun, K. Kim, D. (2011). Customer satisfaction, profitability and firm value in the hospitality and tourism industry: An application of American customer satisfaction index. M.Sc. unpublished thesis, University of Missouri. Atkinson, H. Brown, J. (2001). Rethinking performance measures: Assessing progress in UK hotels. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 13 (3), 128-135. Baggs, S. Kleiner, H. (1996). How to measure customer service effectively. ManagingRead MorePrevailing Contemporary Themes in Hospitality2237 Words   |  9 PagesPREVAILING CONTEMPORARY THEMES IN HOSPITALITY AND THE UPCOMING FOUR SEASONS HOTELS EXPANSION BY FELIX L. H. MURILLO Glion Online MBA Abstract This paper identifies contemporary themes in the Hospitality Industry and why these are emerging or currently pursued. The themes selected are themes directly related with the expansion of hospitality businesses and in particular as they have an effect in the upcoming growth of Four Seasons Hotels. Although Four Seasons already pursues these contemporary

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My Interest in College free essay sample

Ever since I was a little girl, my friends would talk about what they wanted to be when they grow up. They would always say stuff like becoming am actor or an actress. Some would say that they wanted to be a singer or a basketball or football player. I always said I wanted to go to collage. Whenever I went to North Carolina to visit my grandparents, they would take me to different collages to see football games and see the bands play. Whenever we would walk around the campus I would see the sororities and fraternities perform in the yard and I told my grandmother that’s what I wanted to do. I think me watching them step in the courtyard had a lot to do with me joining the Danbury High School step team two years in a row. The whole college experience has always been interesting to me. We will write a custom essay sample on My Interest in College or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think it’s a good opportunity not only to learn about something you love everyday, but to experience life away from your parents and on your own. I think that college helps build a better and more secure future. It gives students a chance see what it’s like to learn on a new level. College builds a better person. It gives your future some security and success. It opens the door to a lot of new experiences. Career choice is to be a counseling psychologist. I think it’s a good way to get inside people’s head and gain their trust. Knowing that someone trusts you is one of the best feelings in the world. I believe that going to college will help me do that. Me personally, I think that college will help me learn to stand on my own and not depend on my family to shelter me because going to college is not just about education, it’s about life experiences. I also think that it will give me a better learning experience and a chance to expand my education. I know where I’m going in life and I really think that college will help me get there. I think that even after you graduate, college can open up doors in your career and take it to the next level. One thing I hope to gain from college is self-discipline. When you’re in college you don’t have anyone in your ear telling you to get up for class, you have to do it for yourself and be responsible for your own decisions. So, in conclusion I think that going to college is the biggest step to making my dream come true. I think that it will shape me into the person that I am going to be. I know that it will give my future security. I hope that it will open many doors and introduce me to new experiences. I know that it will give me many opportunities that I never dreamed of and take me one step closer to my future and my goals. I have a lot of ambitions and I know that college will help me fulfill them.

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The variations in handwriting that lead to individual characteristics

Handwriting identification relies on the principle that there are individual characteristics that distinguish a person’s handwriting from that of another person. There are no two people in the world, who have the same handwriting just like fingerprints. Handwriting identification is based on the following concepts.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The variations in handwriting that lead to individual characteristics specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One, there are no two people who have the same writing manner. Two although a person’s handwriting varies, there is habitual features that appear in his or her handwriting and lastly the characteristics that are used to identify each persons’ handwriting vary to a lesser extent than the same characteristics in samples written by other people (Saferstein, 2010). The differences in handwritings have made handwriting identification important in the mod ern world. Handwriting identification is a comparison study that tries to establish the writing in question was done by a specific person through comparison with other texts or samples. In handwriting identification the aspect of variation in handwriting that are considered include; size of the letters, consistency or lack of it while writing, proximity of the letters to the base line, pressure applied while writing, alignment, and the writing instrument used (Mansikki, 2003). How a forensic document examiner analyzes evidence from a photocopier, fax machine, printer, and typewriter The application of various sciences in law is referred to as forensic science. Forensic document examination is the application of allied sciences and analytical techniques to investigate documents. The examination of documents involves analysis and comparison of photocopies, handwriting, typewriting, printing, inks, and other materials in order to establish originality of the materials and detect any al terations. Forensic document examiners may be asked to determine the machine or equipment that was use to produce a document. They may also be asked to establish the specific printer, photocopier, fax, or typewriter that was used to make the document. When examining documents written by a typewriter an examiner tries to look at several things. One, different typewriters are known to cut letters differently. The examiner may also look at the date on the paper and see if it is consistent with the age of the ribbon used in the typewriter. Faxed documents are reduced slightly in size and the line quality is bad. In older models, the faxed document diagonal lines have jagged edges. When a forensic document examiner is investigating these documents, it is important to look at the original document to make comparisons and detect any alterations made. It is also important to look at the TTI (Transmit Terminal Identification) and the RTI (Receiving Terminal Identifier) to see if the document that are in question are authentic (Koppenhaver, 2007).Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Photocopiers leaves trash marks on the copies made. These trash marks are caused by nicks on the drum and dirt on the glass. A forensic document examiner will seek to see if the trash marks on the paper will be consistent with the ones made on the sample he is trying to seek authenticity. Because of slippage when the paper goes through the photocopier the location of the marks may vary slightly but the marks from each page will align properly (Koppenhaver, 2007). Color printers and photocopiers work by applying multi color and ink on to a paper or any other supporting medium. Many of these machines will form a repeated sequence of inconspicuous yellow dots on the entire surface of the paper or document. These yellow dots are inconspicuous to the eye, but can be seen in the non-printed part of the document when shone with ultraviolet light. Where the relationship and location of the dot relative to the next indicates the serial number of the machine and the date and time the document or paper was made. Forensic document examiners look at these characteristics to make their conclusion about the machine and authenticity of the document (Koppenhaver, 2007). References Huber, R. A. Headrick, A. M. (1999). Handwriting identification: facts and fundamentals. Boca Raton, Fla.: CRC Press Koppenhaver, K. (2007). Forensic document examination: principles and practice. Totowa, N.J.: Humana Press. Mansikki, P. (2003). Handwriting Identification. Web. Saferstein, R. (2010). Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The variations in handwriting that lead to individual characteristics specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on The variations in handwriting that lead to individual characteristics was written and submitted by user Keaton Durham to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Jamestown and Plymouth Plantat essays

Jamestown and Plymouth Plantat essays The beginning of colonization was very difficult for the early settlers in the New World. Disease, starvation, greed, and aggressive Native Americans were factors that lead to the end of many colonization attempts in the Americas. The first two successes were Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation. There were many differences between the two, such as the type of local government established, the kind of relationships maintained with the local natives and the way they became self-sufficient. Jamestown used military rule for much of the first decade as a colony. They soon moved to an assembly that was elected by the people. Before the inhabitants of Plymouth Plantation set foot on the New World in the leaders of the expedition drew up the Mayflower Compact, by doing so they formed a civil government. This gave them claim to the land and to rule it in the name of the King. These early forms of democracy seem to have been the best way to rule, due to the many ideas and different backgrounds of many of the inhabitants. Jamestown was on shaky ground from the beginning with the natives leading to two wars with the Pawhatan Indians. They alienated any Indian allies they might have had by forcing them to bow before the King of England. Plymouth started off on the right foot by procuring the help of two English-speaking Indians. These two Natives taught colonists how cultivate corn and acted as envoys with the local natives. This allowed for extensive trade with the Indians of that region. The Plymouth colonist had surpluses of corn crop, which they traded with northern natives for furs. They soon made agreements with the Dutch to split the fur and wampum trade in the New England area. Jamestown on the other hand cultivated many varieties of tobacco and exported it to Europe. Tobacco was in such high demand that the Virginia Company of London pumped more people and money in to the co ...

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Zara spanish clothing company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Zara spanish clothing company - Essay Example The above operational characteristic of Zara is considered as one of its major competitive advantages towards its rivals. The firm has also managed to fully avoid outsourcing, a target that has not been achieved by other retailers. In this context, British retailers, like H&M and Benetton, and USA retailers, like Walmart and J.C. Penny, prefer outsourcing all parts of their supply chain, apart from the quality control phase (Ray 2010, p.324). On the other hand, the above retailers seem to have different competitive priorities from Zara. Indeed, these firms focus more on the development of high quantities of clothes, aiming to avoid sending new ranges to their stores on a daily basis, a common practice in Zara (Gourdin 2006). Rather, they set specific time points for sending new ranges to their stores; these ranges will be appropriately aligned with the market demands, in terms of quantity and quality. There are retailers that have tried to minimize the time spent between the producti on line and the store, like Mango, a Spanish retailer, (Leeman 2010); however, still, the time of response to the customers’ needs is more than in Zara. Keeping the standards of their brand name, meaning the characteristics of their products as of their design and quality, is the key competitive priority for retailers in the particular industry. For Zara, responding to the preferences of customers on a continuous basis is the key strategic priority, as reflected in the firm’s supply chain strategy. Currently, Zara is able to launch a new collection quite rapidly; in fact, the average time required for the firm’s new ranges to reach its stores is about 15 days (Rushton and Walker 2007). Moreover, the firm keeps certain of its facilities spare, meaning its trucks and warehouses, so that it is able to respond to emergent market needs without having to wait for completing a pending order (Mangan, Lalwani

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Transcendental Meditation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Transcendental Meditation - Essay Example The practice of Transcendental Meditation is one of the varieties of Sanskrit mantras consisted of short words or phrase that when repeated in thought is expected to help the practitioner still the activity of thought and find a deeper level of consciousness. Here, one understands that the basic process of TM is not very different from other forms of meditation, starting with a deep body and mind relaxation for 20 minutes daily, followed by the â€Å"seven-step process,† wherein the first three can be self-taught and the last four, instructed. In order to practice Transcendental Meditation, an individual needs to be initiated by a teacher. This initiation involves sessions of formal instruction, followed by a ceremony in which the applicant makes monetary and other offerings and receives his mantra, selected by the teacher on the basis of the meditator’s temperament and occupation. As previously mentioned, at least a million Americans are initiated today, underscoring TM’s widespread appeal. Transcendental Meditation’s appeal to people is anchored on its recognition that there is a hunger for spiritual vision in the modern world, particularly in the West, which is, then, infused with the spirit of practicality. Firstly, TM has benefited from the tradition that has been cultivated by the practice of yoga by Maharishi’s predecessors, the Eastern mystics, Vivekananda and Yogananda. Then, according to Coward, Hinnells, and Williams, Maharishi emphasized the practical aspect of meditation instead of its religious context.

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Using Technology to Motivate Students in the Science Classroom Essay Example for Free

Using Technology to Motivate Students in the Science Classroom Essay Each year, more students are dropping out of high school. Students are bored and feel that they are not learning anything that is useful in the real world. Teachers are finding an increasing number of students becoming less engaged in their academic studies. There are public schools willing to bribe students to pay attention and make better grades. Instead of bribery, educators need to make the curriculum more appealing to student interests, develop critical thinking skills to be able to adapt and/or solve real life problems. Today’s world is full of media and technology use that can be used in the classroom to spice things up. This paper focuses on the integration of WebQuests, virtual video games, and virtual dissections in the science curriculum. Using Technology to Motivate Students in the Science Classroom Today, a majority of students are either bored, frustrated, or feel like school is a waste of time. Many educators find that these students will not complete assignments, participate in classroom activities, or try their best. There are a number of reasons for the lack of motivation in students including they may have learning disabilities, have bad experiences in school, fear ridicule from their peers, and or they are not learning about a subject they are interested in. Many educators find that these students will not try, will not complete assignments, or participate in classroom discussions or activities. Some students who seem unmotivated may have learning disabilities, had bad experiences in school, fear ridicule, and or are not in a class or subject they are interested in. Some of these students just sit there and daydream. While others become discipline problems by disrupting class and hurting the learning chances of others. Educators are constantly assigning detention and in-school suspension to those with discipline issues. Students who misbehave or have given up tend to have this psychological perceptive that they are compensating for their belief that they are stupid (Mendler, 2000). There are number of public schools that seem to be desperate enough for students to make better grades that they are willing to bribe students, not with candy or homework passes, but with money. There are public schools around the country that have used or are currently using programs that pay students to make better grades. Students who participate in these programs may make better grades, temporarily; however, when the cash incentives are removed the grades tend to return to their normal range. Most educators agree with Sullo (2009) statement that giving students bribes like this only â€Å"devalues education and learning.† Rather than using these extrinsic rewards, educators need to use more intrinsic system that relies on students taking more interest in the topics or materials covered. Pederson’s William’s (2004) study states that the usage of more problem based learning would work better as an intrinsic motivator. In problem based learning students have to set up their own objectives in how to solve a problem given to them by the teacher. This student centered method gives students more ownership of their goals and gives more meaning to their work. In addition, using students centered assessment, where students are involve with their own evaluation, helps students to examine what and how they have performed their tasks. Using a WebQuest Some researchers say that the way to motivate students is to cover topics that relate to real life. One way to make a topic relevant to real life is to use a WebQuest. A WebQuests are inquiry-based activities that were developed in 1995 by Bernie Dodge (March, 2003). This type of activity uses a layered process in which the learner uses the internet to facilitate the acquisition, synthesis and analysis of information. It requires the learner to take charge of their own learning, resulting in better understanding and retention of knowledge. A WebQuest is made up for six critical components: an introduction, task, resources, a step-by-step process, an evaluation, and conclusion (Yoder, 1999). When implemented correctly, WebQuests not only challenges the learner to collect and gather information, but to take the knowledge and apply it to real-life scenarios, relationships and processes. The task itself can be modified in length of time it takes to complete and groups, individual or coll ective. One of the disadvantages of WebQuests is the time it takes a teacher to create or critique a pre-made task. But as with any other good teaching methods, planning and preparation is time-consuming. Most WebQuest are free to use online. Any teachers can create their own WebQuest or use an already made WebQuest. There are WebQuest wizards available online that can help a teacher through the creation process. When using a pre-made WebQuest the teacher must go through the activity and make sure the information if correct and that all the web links are working. A science teacher could create a WebQuest that would have students look at water pollution in an area. The students task would be to research ways to prevent water pollution and ways to clean it up. A few examples of pre-made WebQuest can be found on the sites listed in listed in Table 1. Place Table 1 about here Virtual Games Current and past studies on student motivation have found that traditional instruction lacks researched strategies that could promote motivation in students (Dantonio Beisenherz; 1990). Most educators tend to stick to traditional methods of teaching to the text and having students memorizing facts. Instead, teachers need to use a combination of text, activities, and projects to better engage students. Discovery learning allows students to pursue their own answers to explain an event of what happens during a laboratory experiment is an intrinsic motivational technique. What is today’s perceived mind-waster could be one of tomorrow’s educational solutions. According to an article written by Greenemeir (2009), several educators are advocating that schools use video games because it promotes discovery learning via development of critical thinking skills that students can apply to real-life situations and enhances their understanding in math and science. Video games provide multiple modes and means that can be adapted to different learning styles. They often challenge the learner competitively in order to boost motivation and learning goals. Virtual games allow the learner to take small steps to accomplish complex tasks. Learners are often in charge of their own learning and are given feedback frequently. The Director of Future Learning Initiatives at Kauffman Foundation, Merrilea Mayo, cites studies that show a 7 to 40 percent improvement in learning when using virtual games versus the traditional lecture format (Greenemeier 2009). One of the drawbacks to using video games in an educational setting is finding quality games. Many games tout being educational, but just use superficial elements that do not actually teach content (Dewar, 2010). Educators need to make sure that winning is based on thorough knowledge of material. When creating an educational virtual game the game needs to be relevant and meaningful to the student, show that what is learned can be used in other situations, such as in real life. In addition, games need to involve the student in each aspect, motivate students by piquing their interests. Some games may require a fee, but there are also some quality activities that are free. Whyville, for example, is a virtual world that engages and teaches the learner through various constructional games, role playing and activities. Other examples of virtual games are listed in Table 2. Place Table 2 about here Virtual Dissection Another way to make the topic more interesting and students willing to do an activity would be to use virtual dissections instead of real, hands on dissections in the classroom. There are some students and/or parents that refuse to dissect a real animal for the sake of a science class. One way to get around this problem is to use a virtual dissection program. In a study (Lalley et al. 2010) performed on the virtual dissection software, V-Frog ©, the researchers found that students using the software did not learn more than students who did the actual hands on dissection. However, the advantages to using a virtual dissection can out-weigh any of the possible disadvantages. In the science class, students are able to do an in-depth study of the anatomy of both an invertebrate and vertebrate animals through dissection. Within a virtual dissection, students are able to repeat their dissection as a review; no one would have to deal with the smell, and of the decomposing specimens. In addition, by using a virtual dissection, students are not handling sharp objects or going to their next class like their specimen. There are multiple virtual dissections programs available via software and through different websites, from dissecting mammals, reptiles, owl pellets, to flowers. In addition, there are several free to use, online websites with pictures of the different dissected parts visible (see Table 3). By using online websites, a school can save money on not having to buy new specimens each year per class. In addition, students can review the material in places outside of school. Place Table 3 about here Conclusion It can be hard to motivate students, especially when educators have not been train in how to actually motivate students. Educators not only need to know how to motivate students but also in managing and coping with students who come to class with the plan to create as much disruption as possible in order to entertain themselves. More and more students are dropping out of high school because they are bored and feel that they are not learning anything that is useful in the real world. Educators need to make the curriculum more appealing to student interests, to real life events and problems. If students are interested in the topic and engaged in classroom activities there will be less discipline issues which might lead to less student dropouts. Reference Dantonio, M. Beisenherg, P. (1990). Don’t just demonstrate – motivate! The science teacher, 57(2), 27-29. Dewar, G. (2010). Educational video games. Retrieved from http://www.parenting Greenemeier, L. (2009, January 1). Using virtual worlds and video games to teach the lessons of reality. [Web log comment]. Retrieved from second-science/post.cfm?id=using-virtual-worlds-and-video-game-2009-01-01 Lalley, J.P., Piotrowski, P.S. Battaglia, B., Brophy, K. Chugh, K. (2010). A comparison of V- Frog © to physical frog dissection. International Journal of Environmental Science Education, 5(2), 189-200. March, T. (2003). In What WebQuests Are (Really). Retrieved from what_webquests_are.asp Mendler, A. N. (2000). Motivating students who do not care: Successful techniques for educators. Bloomington, Indiana: National Education Services, 7. Patrick, H., Yoon, C. (2004). Early adolescents’ motivation during science investigation. The Journal of educational research, 97(6), 319-338. Pedersen, S., Williams, D. (2004). Comparison of assessment on effects of learning and motivation in student centered classroom. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 13(3), 283-306. Sullo, B. (2009). The motivated student: Unlocking the enthusiasm for learning. Alexandria, Virginia: ASCD. Yoder, M.B. (1999). The student WebQuest: A productive and thought provoking use of the internet. Learning and Leading with Technology, 26(7), 6-9. Table 1. WebQuest Web Resources |Internet4Classrooms | | | | | |teAchnology | | Table 2. Virtual Game Web Resources |Whyville | | |Kinetic City | | |Planet Science | | Table 3. Examples of Free Virtual Dissection Web Resources |Cow Eye Dissection | | |Frog Dissection | | | | | |Fetal Pig Dissection |